Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ziggi's first official new album "need to tell you this"

Press release

European reggae hit "Need to tell you this" will be Ziggi's first official new single

Rotterdam 9th of April '08

The first official single from Holland's #1 reggae artist Ziggi is called "Need to tell you this". The single is already a hit in Europe and is growing strong in Jamaica. The tune is an authentic but still modern reggae track. In "Need to tell you this" Ziggi sings about his being away from home often and missing his love. The video for this single can be soon seen on the different music channels and internet portals.

After what may be considered a successful d├ębut, capturing several awards with his first album "So Much Reasons", Ziggi is finally ready to release his second album entitled "In Transit". Ziggi has managed to take his musical talent to the next level both in writing and vocals. "Need to tell you this" is a good preview of Ziggi's new album.

On "In Transit" Ziggi has collaborated with international heavyweights such as Gentleman, Anthony B and Ce'Cile. The new album will be released in the beginning of September in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

You can see Ziggi with his energetic live performance this festival season in The Netherlands and trough out Europe with a fresh and new repertoire!