Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summerfest 2008 Revellers In Full Color

This is what Summerfest is all about-hold on to your hat......

Strike a Pose-Its Summerfest TimeKing Tarzan doing his thing
Future Miss Statia
Miss Statia Bold and Beautiful 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

NBO-Band From Aruba Visits For Statia's Carnival

Aruba's Beat Band NBO, paid a dual visit to the island for the first time. The band was sponsored by Ms Maceba Mitchell and the Roots Foundation for the 2008 Carnival Festival. But, the ideal purpose of their visit was for a fund-raiser to purchase a respiratory/asthma machine for the Queen Beatrix Medical Center. NBO Beat Band arrived on the island on Friday July 18th and was met by a delegation. The band was scheduled to perform on Saturday evening. The delegation was comprised of the Commissioners, Tourist Office, Protocol and G.I.S. (Government information Service), Correspondent of The Daily Herald, and CTC TV, including two children; a boy and a girl, who had the honour of presenting them with a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately, all of the delegation was unable to be present. The boy is the son of Ms Maceba Mitchell, Marshel Herman, and the girl, Zambia Berkel, the daughter of Joshua Spanner and Pamela Berkel. The kids are also asthma patients. The members of the band are also comprised of four Statians. The band members are as follows: Ms.Viviana Hooker, vocalist (Statian), Mr Kevin James, vocalist and owner of the band, Mr.Kembo Cheng, Pianist, progammer and arranger (Statian), Mr. Ortix Schmidt, guitar arranger (Statian), Mr. Charles Hooker, vocalist and keyboard (Statian), Mr Stanley LLoyd, drummer, Mr Elmer Cathlin, sound man, Mr Micheal Odor, piano, Mr Jobert Cabriela, sound crew, and Mr Nial Alexander, sound coordinator. St.Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation wishes NBO Band much success.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Students Visit St.Eustatius for Hiking Expedition

On July 16th 2008, "Action Quest", a group of students from the US, Canada, The Netherlands, and England sailed from the island of Tortola, the British Virgin Islands enroute to other Caribbean islands on their annual summer field trip training. This has been the fourth catamaran of students so far for the summer. The name of the catamaran is Cajou I. The purpose of their trip includes; sailing, culture, and hiking. The students made the hike to the volcano and their comments were; the Quill is an attractive lush tropical rain forest and the trails are all well marked. Eight out of the group visited the Fort and the tourist office. The various comments written in the guest book are as follows: Terry and Laurie Baker New York; a time of discovery, Lisa Ewing Florida; full of beauty, Emily Troy England; very interesting, Elisabeth Patterson Georgia; cool island, Anna Booth Texas; a beautiful place, Emily Walls Texas; fascinating island, Spirk Huizinga The Netherlands; a nice place and Cleopatra Carti The Netherlands; tranquil. Action Quest students left for Nevis on Friday July 18th.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Canon Found on "Kerkweg" During Road Restoration

First unearthing of the canon
On Friday morning July 4th, at the beginning of the road restoration of Kerkweg, the supervisor of the project, Mr. Luuk ten Heuvel and his employees saw part of a canon while the operator of the escavator was preparing the road for further construction. Immediately after, the Archaeologist Mr. R. Grant Gilmore lll, PhD, and his team were called on the scene and with his instruction they slowly unearthed and lifted the 6 pounder canon and had it removed a little distant from its location. The team began cleaning and dusting the artefacts. When Mr Gilmore has completed his findings the canon will be relocated at the St.Eustatius Historical Foundation Museum.

Tour operator Esther de Munck-visits Statia


Tour Operator Ms Esther de Munck of Travel Trend Holland, made a familiarization trip to St.Eustatius. Ms de Munck and her husband arrived from Saba on Sunday June 22 and departed on Tuesday June 24th 2008. The purpose of her trip was to familiarize herself with the island and its tourism product, and to include St.Eustatius and Saba in Travel Trend programme of destinations. Their accommodation was arranged by Travel Trend and the Old Gin House was the host hotel. On Monday Ms de Munck and her husband made the hike to the Quill and enjoyed their descent into the lush tropical rain forest.

After they ascended, they took the trail and continued their hike from the Quill to the Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden. In the afternoon they made the island tour and was impressed with the historical sites, the St.Eustatius Historical Foundation Museum, the old antique restored gingerbread houses, and the combination of the brick and cobble stone streets of the17th century. They loved Fort Oranje. Ms de Munck and her husband remarked, it is very peaceful and they truly enjoyed every moment on the island and looking forward in doing business.

Mr Roland Lopes

Public Relations

Dutch Ambassador of Santo Domingo Visits St.Eustatius

Mr. Aart Jan Verdegaal standing in front of the "Michiel Andriaansz de Ruyter Monument" in Fort Oranje.
Dutch Ambassador Mr. Aart Jan Verdegaal, H.M. Ambassador to Santo Domingo, paid a working visit to the Windward Islands July 6th to 9th 2008. The Ambassador arrived on the island on Tuesday July 8th at 7:25am. Mr. Jan Verdegaal was met at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Airport by second Acting Lt. Governor, Mr Louis Brown and Mrs. Mercedes Lopes-Spanner from the Department of Protocol and Government Information Service. The Ambassador Mr. Aart Jan Verdegaal made a courtesy visit to the office of the Acting Lt. Governor, Mr. Gerald Berkel and concluded his stay with an island tour. Mr Verdegaal was impressed and commented, a beautiful island. The Ambassador departed to Saba at 12:15pm.

Friends of Teacher Clarke-Brown visits Statia

In picture left to right: Maritza Pieters, Mercedes Hermina, Debby Clarke, Riny Hermina
Comments: beautiful, wonderful, peaceful

Friends of Teacher Clarke-Brown, Principal of the Golden Rock Primary School visited St.Eustatius on July 9th 2008. They hail from the island of Curacao. This was their first visit to the island. They were overwhelmed with the rich history, the friendly people and the peacefulness. After visiting the tourist office, they were given a short history of Fort Oranje and of the island. Ms Maritza Pieters, Ms Mercedes Hermina and Riny Hermina left on the evening flight to St.Maarten.

Franky's Place-Where the Nights Comes Alive

Franky socializing with some of his guest.
When you say Franky's Place you know you are talking Fun-Fun-Fun
Fun and a little discussion amongst friends at Franky's Place. Where Lunch & Dinner is served

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Couple Married in Fort Oranje

Western Bastion-Fort Oranje
Tourist Office-Fort Oranje-Newly Weds with Marriage officer-Mrs. E. Maduro-Merkman

Mr Everson Everette Powell, born in Nevis and residing in St.Maarten and Ms Jandery Jessenia Daniel, born in Santo Domingo also residing in St.Maarten choose St.Eustatius, and the exotic and historic Fort Oranje for the venue of their wedding. The legal proceedings took place in the western bastion of Fort Oranje, but the signing of the documents were done in the Tourist Office.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

BroadReach Program

On July 1st 2008, 3 vessels (in picture) visited the Island of Statia, carrying a group of students from around the globe. These kids are part of a broad-reach program, their main interest are diving. We are highly appreciative to see that Statia have been selected as one of the dive destination of preference for this group. In the words of some of the students: "Kelly King-pretty cool, Ali Ballantyne-intense volcano, Kat Fore-awesome, Carol Lang-great place for pictures, Nathan Coldham-sweet hike.