Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dagmar Paulus display her paintings at the Tourism Office

Cutline: Artist Dagmar Paulus with two of her watercolour paintings.

ST. EUSTATIUS— An opening was held Wednesday evening for a display of

paintings and prints by Statia artist, Dagmar Paulus. The paintings

are on display at the offices of the Tourism Development Foundation,

and may be viewed there every weekday during opening hours, from 9 to

12 in the morning and from 1 to 5 in the afternoon, except that

closing is one-half hour earlier on Fridays. The exhibit will remain

in place until December 22nd.

Paulus works in water colour, acrylic, and oil, but since

2002 has focused on acrylic. She also paints designs on the local

calabash tree seed pods, which are a popular tourist souvenir item.

She is totally self-taught, and as a result, she says, her work

involves a lot of “trial and error.”

A good crowd of about eighty people attended the opening.

Paulus was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. She was educated at the

University of Vienna, where she studied philosophy, psychology,

pedagogy, and physical education.

For most of her career, she was a teacher and lecturer in Austria.

Since 1995, Paulus and her husband have visited St.

Eustatius more and more frequently. In 2000, they became residents,

spending the autumn and part of the winter in Statia but returning to

Austria for skiing and visiting family in the late winter and summer.

Paulus is active in volunteer activities on Statia, spending one

morning per week at the Historical Foundation Gallery on the bay and

another working at the Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden. Besides the

special showing at the Tourism Office, her work may be seen at the

Historical Foundation Gallery in St. Eustatius or at the gallery Le

Saint Geran in St. Martin