Tuesday, March 15, 2011

American photographer on Statia for photo shoot

Oranjestad-St.Eustatius, Tanya Stiffler arrived on Statia on Friday March 4 2011 on a working visit invitation from the St.Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation to shoot an array of professional photos from all aspects of the island such as nature, diving, people, restaurants, history and hotels just to name a few.

Mrs. Stiffler has been seeing the world through a viewfinder since the age of 7. For 18 years she enjoyed a carreer in sales and marketing for the Tourism industry in Central Florida. Her abilities in photography were always a key asset for the successes she achieved in her career by capturing images for marketing materials, promotional items, commercials and print magazines. She has traveled throughout the United States photographing hotels, resorts, city-wide events, corporate events, weddings, car races, motorcycle races and combines many of those images with her account of the occasion for magazine articles, newsletters and blogs.

The invitation to Mrs. Stiffler was extended by Manager of Product Development Mrs. Maya Leon-Pandt. The photos will be used to update the Statia Tourism website, brochures, magazine articles and for marketing purposes. Mrs. Stiffler went on hikes to the Quill, Gilboa Hill and the Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden. She also photographed Statia’s rich historical monuments, restaurants, hotels, beaches and the beautiful landscapes.

“I love this island” Mrs. Stiffler said. “It is peaceful and everyone is so friendly and what a rich history you guys have here” she said. Mrs. Stiffler took hundreds and hundreds of photos during her time on the island. While driving along the road to the Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden she was contstantly stopping and getting out of the vehicle taking nature photos and even got a shot of a huge Iguana up in a tree said Mrs. Leon-Pandt.

The St.Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation would like to extend a huge thank you to WINAIR for their sponsorship through out the past years and look forward to their continued support in 2011.